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I love to create, I love colours, I love comforting and familiar smells:  the scent of dried herbs, lavender fields, blossoms, aromatic wood, winter spices,  and ripe fruits. It was only a matter of time before I started turning  Nature's gifts into little treats!

The same is true about my range of accessories, inspired not only by nature but also the diversity of London, where I am based, with its eclectic, multicultural influences. My African heritage and travels also bring their  flavour into the mix! 

So I test, blend, and balance colours, scents, textures, and shapes. In the end I am left with a bit of nature in a box, a bouquet in a pot, a piece of wearable art or just  something original to brighten things up. I love it and want to share it! 


I'm often told that my products are like little pieces of art. This is no coincidence! I do my best to ensure that each item that I make is a treat that is not only functional and good inside, but is also gorgeous.

So, my creations can fill different  purposes: well-being, ornamental, gift, there are many reasons and excuses for choosing Sonayon!

Jazz up your style with my accessories, brighten your mornings,  your rooms and even your skin with Sonayon toiletries and candles!  

 Why not check out the gallery for a sneak preview of my handmade creations.  You can also join my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and discount codes. Enjoy! Sonia xx

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